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Your employer is obligated to pay for all of your medical care that will cure or improve your underlying condition. Because they have the obligation to pay for all of the care, they also have the ability to pick your doctors. What that means is they are going to tell you which doctors you have to see. And you are obligated to listen to them if you want them to pay for that medical care. There may come a time when we disagree with what their doctor says. Maybe their doctor is not treating you the right way. Maybe he is giving you treatment but not something that we think is appropriate. Maybe their doctor has cut you off from medical care and we do not agree that your medical care should end. Under those circumstances, what I do first, is I make a request of the insurance company to continue to provide you with benefits or to send you to a different doctor. If they agree, then there are no problems. If they disagree, I accumulate your medical records and I send you to my own examining doctor and ask for his opinion. Does this individual need more medical care? Does this individual need surgery? Is this individual able to work? If my doctor's opinion is different from the opinion of the insurance doctor's, I use his medical report as a support for my motion that I will file with the court in an effort to get you the correct benefits.

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